The success of any operating facility depends on thorough, up-front planning and training. As part of DeNovo’s services, our group of manufacturing and safety engineers is able to develop and implement the necessary Standard Operations Procedures training along with training modules, which are needed on all process installations and modifications. DeNovo’s comprehensive approach provides a means for all involved parties of the manufacturing facility to be active participants in the development of the facility programs, thus ensuring site wide acceptance and ownership.

Using current OSHA guidelines, state of the art modeling protocol, and our diverse expertise, we can effectively structure a hazardous operations audit to achieve specific objectives. These objectives include:

  • Identifying process deficiencies, which can result in injury, loss of productivity, or loss of assets.
  • Determining the necessary appropriate measures in either equipment or procedural changes, which will prevent identified issues.
  • Ensuring that a standardized corporate philosophy is followed concerning overall safety, the protection of employees, and the preservation of company assets.

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